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Whale-Watching in Maine

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Humpback Whale Tail

Ever since my six-grade class did a study of marine biology with a video series called The Voyage of the Mimi, I’ve been interested in whales.  The Mimi focused specifically on humpback whales, some of the largest whales in the ocean.  So when Rich and I planned our vacation to Maine, I scheduled a whale-watching adventure.  It was through the Bar Harbor Whale Watch company.  A huge boat takes you and several hundred people out into the Gulf of Maine in search of whales.  This adventure was very, very different than my puffin trip, which was geared towards nature-lovers and photographers.  The whale trip was nothing but tourists, with lots and lots of kids under the age of five!  But it was really cool to see whales. The company takes tourists out whale-watching several times a day, so they know where they have recently seen whales.  So it doesn’t take long for them to start showing you whales after you get far enough off shore.  They are pretty fair about turning the boat so that people on all sides can see.  The first whales we saw were Fin whales, which are the second largest whales in the world.  The only bigger […]