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One More from my Visit to the Circle B Bar Reserve

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One more post from Sunday’s trip to the Circle B Bar Reserve… There’s a new family of Sandhill Cranes out on Wading Bird Way. The adults had the colts out on a “vegetation island” while I was there. From the pictures posted on Flickr, it looks like they later brought the babies up onto the trail. The babies are still tiny and in their “super-cute” phase. Who can resist a tiny orange fuzzball? On a related note, I saw several adult Purple Gallinules along Wading Bird Way, and I’m almost positive that I heard babies. :) There were tons of ibises flying around. This Glossy Ibis flew right in front of me. He’s in his breeding plumage – look at the blue on his face. The “great white party” continued for a good hour after sunrise, with storks and herons and egrets flapping around as they searched for breakfast in the shallow water. This Snowy Egret did a little dance for me. He seemed to drag his feet in the water as he flew along. Sometimes he would kinda fly with his face down in the water, too. He looked pretty funny. There were tons of grackles along the trail, […]

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A Bobwhite Visits our Backyard

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We were eating dinner on the porch last night when we spotted a Northern Bobwhite crossing the backyard.  His head stuck out over the tall grasses.  I dropped everything and ran for the camera — this was only the third time that I’ve seen a bobwhite in the yard.  He let me get fairly close without seeming too concerned, but he wouldn’t come out into the open to let me get a good picture.  I had to make do with a “proof of sighting” shot… After Dyeyo and I spent the last six months stalking the bobwhites at the Circle B Bar Reserve, one wandered into my own backyard!  How funny.