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Updates to my Bird Life List

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Common Eider

I recently dusted off my bird life list, organizing it by species and counting only American Birding Association countable species.  Like most birders, I enjoy keeping track of the birds I’ve seen, but as a bird photographer, I only count the birds that I’ve photographed.  The ABA has documented 976 species in North America.  About 300 of those can be found in my home state of Florida.  I’ve photographed 223 species so far, which is a decent start.  The ABA only counts birds that are native to North American, so some of my birdie friends from the Lake Morton menagerie don’t count! As I went through my list, I realized that I had photographed several species that hadn’t made it to my blog or life list.  So today’s post will include several lifers… My first lifer of the day is a Monk Parakeet, photographed last spring at Brian Piccolo Park.  My neighbors may notice a striking resemblance to their pet bird Pickles!  The Monk Parakeet, also known as a Quaker Parakeet, is an introduced species in Florida.  There are plenty of them living in and around Brian Piccolo. While I was in Maine, I photographed several Black-Throated Green Warblers.  They […]