Happy Mother’s Day!

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I spent yesterday afternoon with my parents in their backyard.  We had a fun time planting and transplanting, trying to make sure there’s enough nectar to satisfy Mum-mum’s visiting hummers.  When I saw the Red-Bellied Woodpeckers eating oranges in Dick’s backyard, though, I couldn’t resist going to get my camera… These silly birds will land […]

Hi There, Shrek Junior!

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We finally met our new little Loggerhead Shrikes.  I’ve been watching the adults for a while, and I figured we’d see the babies any day.  This guy was hanging out in a palm tree at the Town Commons/Tour Point intersection.  You can tell he’s a juvenile because of the orangey edge to his beak.  I […]

Down by the Pond

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We found a new family of ducks by the pond tonight.  At least, I think they are another family.  The babies seem smaller than the ones that I found last week.  These guys launched into the water and followed Mama off into the sunset… There were two Loggerhead Shrikes in the usual weeping willow tree.  […]

Meet Shrek the Shrike

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This evening, Rich and I set out on our walk, I mean, our quest, to the Weeping Willows that are Far, Far Away (well, the intersection of Tour Pointe and Town Commons).  There we met two ogres (according to their prey!) named Shrek and Fiona.  I began photographing them as Rich asked “Can we go […]