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Some Backyard Surprises

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There was an adult Bald Eagle down by Black Lake a few nights ago when we walked.  We walked right past him, then I pulled Rich back and said “look!”  Some neighbors were a little suspicious of my camera and wondered what in the world I was up to.  They hadn’t seen the eagle either, hehe.  I wished the light was a little better.  Maybe on our next walk! Kathy and Sean showed me a Mourning Dove’s nest in their palm tree right outside their front door.  It’s about five feet high (Rich wondered how in the world the bird managed to fly up there consistently enough to make her nest!)  I’ve often wondered where these birds nest.  There are certainly enough doves around the neighborhood that there must be plenty of other nests. A House Wren hopped out of the viburnum tonight and posed on the rose bed edging.  I was surprised to still see him around — I wonder when he’ll return north?  Maybe he’ll fly up with the Painted Buntings.  We’ve been monitoring their afternoon feeding habits regularly now, hoping to pinpoint the day of their (sob, sob) departure…