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Chasing Lifers

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Broad-winged Hawk

Michael Libbe and I had two goals on our recent trip to the Circle B Bar Reserve: to photograph the yellow flowers at sunrise, and to go chasing lifers!  A group of Fulvous Whistling Ducks has started to hang out at Circle B, and while I’ve caught a few quick glimpses of them, they would have been a lifer for Michael.  Cole also found a Grasshopper Sparrow not too long ago, so we were determined to relocate it.  But as often happens with nature photography, when you go chasing one lifer, you might just stumble upon another… This is the American Bittern who distracted us from our quest for the Grasshopper Sparrow.  Why walk halfway across the preserve to chase a tiny bird when a cooperative bird is posing right in front of the yellow flowers?  Except as soon as we started photographing him, he disappeared into the bushes!  Silly bird.  Michael suggested that he fly over the yellow flowers, and even detailed a photogenic trajectory, but apparently this bird doesn’t take direction from photographers. :) As we headed up the Heron Hideout trail, we found this Green Heron stalking dragonflies on the alligator flag plants.  He walked right out […]