Blue Jay

Red-Headed Woodpeckers at Bok Tower

October 29, 2014 -  Warblers hopped around, Blue Jays circled their territory, and a small group of 5-7 Red-headed Woodpeckers gathered acorns for winter......  Blue Jays were all over the place.... Read more

Happy Mother’s Day!

May 13, 2012 - Shorty spent a good part of the afternoon taking care of their new family.  They'd fly down to the feeder, grab a seed, then disappear up into the oak tree.  Tiny baby calls would ensue.  Then the process repeated, over and over.  We tried to find the nest, but I…... Read more

Anniversary at Bok Tower Gardens

June 5, 2011 - Turtle There were Blue Jays all over.  These common birds do not hang out in my backyard, so it's always fun to see them.  I spotted a juvenile bird feeding with its mother at the bird feeder (squirrel feeder!) by the tower overlook.  This adult was near the Visitor's Center. …... Read more

Blue Jay

Quiet morning at the Circle B Bar Reserve

September 18, 2010 - I did snap this fun shot of a Red-Bellied Woodpecker and Blue Jay together.... Red-bellied Woodpecker and Blue Jay Last week I saw these butterflies back on the Eagle Roost trail, but I forgot to post the picture.... Gulf Fritillary butterflies Species list: Anhinga, Belted Kingfisher (heard), Black-Bellied Whistling Duck,…... Read more