Leu Gardens

Leu Gardens is located in downtown Orlando. It is a bit of a migration hotspot, and it is birded regularly throughout the year.

Photography Advice

Bring your long lens for birding, and don't forget the macro lens for flowers - they have a big rose garden!



Leu Gardens Blog Archives

  • Hummingbirds at Leu Gardens

    Hummingbirds at Leu Gardens

    Rich and I took his parents to Leu Gardens while they were here in Florida.  Being turtle people, they were excited to see the turtles in the pond: I was more excited to see this female ruby-throated hummingbird nectaring.  It’s late in the year to see hummers in Orlando.  I wasn’t close enough, and there wasn’t enough light, to get a really amazing picture.  But this picture clearly serves as proof that we saw her! We heard only a single goldfinch, though, and didn’t see nearly as many birds as we have in years past.
  • Roses and Baby Birds at Leu Gardens

    Roses and Baby Birds at Leu Gardens

    Rich and I went to Leu Gardens this morning to see roses and turtles. We were pleasantly surprised to see a Common Moorhen in the lake, with her baby nearby! The baby was fussing its head off (it reminded us of Squirt when he’s hungry). We saw a juvenile cardinal, too. Nearby, Daddy Cardinal kept an eye on us and on his baby. As always, the roses at Leu Gardens were beautiful.  It’s always fun to see what varieties are blooming well there, to get ideas for my own rose garden.