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Greenwood Cemetery Eagle Nest

Nestled in the middle of downtown Orlando is Greenwood Cemetery, which hosts a photogenic Bald Eagle nest. Drive into the cemetery and circle around, looking for the tall pine tree containing the nest. You might also see a coyote or photograph a Wood Duck.

Photography advice: Bring the longest lens you have.

Baby Eaglets!

Baby Eaglets! - February 2011

I drove over to Greenwood Cemetery on Saturday to peek at the eagle nest in a pine tree there.  I wasn't the only photographer who spent the morning at Circle B and took a side trip to the cemetery on the way home! The baby eagles are bigger than they were two weeks ago.  They weren't very active while I was there on Saturday, but the babies did stick their …Read More

Baby Eagle!!

Baby Eagle!! - January 2011

Thanks to Michael Libbe, who told me that there is a nest of Bald Eagles at the Greenwood Cemetery in Orlando with tiny babies inside!  Rich and I stopped at the cemetery on a trip to Colonial Photo and Hobby.  I heard the babies before I saw them, and I had to wait for one of them to pop its head over the side of the nest.  My picture isn't …Read More