Greenwood Cemetery Eagle Nest

Nestled in the middle of downtown Orlando is Greenwood Cemetery, which hosts a photogenic Bald Eagle nest. Drive into the cemetery and circle around, looking for the tall pine tree containing the nest. You might also see a coyote or photograph a Wood Duck.

Photography Advice

Bring the longest lens you have.

Greenwood Cemetery Eagle Nest Blog Archives

  • Baby Eaglets!

    Baby Eaglets!

    I drove over to Greenwood Cemetery on Saturday to peek at the eagle nest in a pine tree there.  I wasn’t the only photographer who spent the morning at Circle B and took a side trip to the cemetery on the way home! The baby eagles are bigger than they were two weeks ago.  They weren’t very active while I was there on Saturday, but the babies did stick their heads up a bit.  The adults didn’t cooperate with us and bring food to the nest.  Silly birds.  Don’t they know it would have made a great picture? :)
  • Baby Eagle!!

    Baby Eagle!!

    Thanks to Michael Libbe, who told me that there is a nest of Bald Eagles at the Greenwood Cemetery in Orlando with tiny babies inside!  Rich and I stopped at the cemetery on a trip to Colonial Photo and Hobby.  I heard the babies before I saw them, and I had to wait for one of them to pop its head over the side of the nest.  My picture isn’t all that great (I didn’t have the Beast with me), but it’s still fun!