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    Happy Father’s Day!

    Happy Father’s Day! - June 2014

    Happy  Father's Day to my dad, my friend, and my photo buddy!  How many daughters get to go hang out with their dads as often as I do?  I'm so lucky! :) This was taken last year on an excursion to Blue Cypress Lake.  We were on a pontoon boat photographing the beautiful landscape and the fun flying Ospreys.  Thanks to my friend Deb for the snapshot!

    Proof That We Knew Him When…

    Proof That We Knew Him When… - June 2011

    We were proud to attend Aaron's graduation from West Orange High School this morning.  Aaron was a dual-enrollment student, and he received his AA from Valencia Community College a few weeks ago.  He was Valedictorian, and his speech was awesome.  Thanks for including us in your graduation, Aaron. Here's Aaron walking in… The Valedictorian, Salutatorians, members of the student council, and various other award winners sat up on stage.  It …Read More


    Pickles-Sitting - May 2011

    We pet-sat for Pickles this weekend while Peter, Carla, and Aaron were out of town.  Pickles had a strange dream on Friday night.  He dreamed that he got to go with Aaron and Rich to the hockey game next weekend.  Aaron shot the winning goal of the game!  Everybody was in the crowd cheering for Aaron.  Squirt was the opposing team goalie.  (He's the cutest goalie I've ever seen!)  Pickles …Read More

    Squirt Wants to Congratulate Aaron, Too!

    Squirt Wants to Congratulate Aaron, Too! - May 2011

    Squirt thinks it unfair that feline study-buddies are not allowed to attend graduations.  He spent long hours helping Aaron with calculus!  He worked so hard that he put himself to sleep.  Look at that big yawn! So Squirt wants to join in and congratulate Aaron on his accomplishments…

    Way to Go, Aaron!

    Way to Go, Aaron! -

    Our neighbor Aaron graduated from Valencia Community College this morning with his AA.  Except he didn't get his diploma yet – he can't get a college diploma until after he graduates from high school!!  Aaron's been dual-enrolled for the past two years, completing his last two years of high school and his first two years of college simultaneously.  He comes over often to work on homework with Rich and Squirt.  …Read More

    Karen’s Wedding

    Karen’s Wedding - August 2010

    Congratulations, Aunt Karen and Uncle Henry!