Winter Park Osprey Nest

This nest is located on the top of a utility pole in downtown Winter Park.

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Nesting season is in May.

Winter Park Osprey Nest Blog Archives

  • Introducing Osprey Baby 2015

    Introducing Osprey Baby 2015

    I met my friend Deb to photograph the Winter Park Osprey baby, who posed for our lenses as he ate his dinner. So cute!
  • Sticks from the Sky – Winter Park Osprey Nest

    Sticks from the Sky – Winter Park Osprey Nest

    I spent a few hours at the Winter Park Osprey nest, where I photographed this year's Osprey chick with his parents. Fish for dinner, yum!
  • Dinnertime for Junior at the Winter Park Osprey Nest

    Dinnertime for Junior at the Winter Park Osprey Nest

    Last week I made another visit to the Winter Park Osprey nest.  The baby has gotten so big since my last visit!  He is clearly visible over the side of the nest now.  Mama was feeding him as I arrived.  Mmm, fish was on the menu… Mama feeds the baby by tearing off little bits of fish and poking them into his open mouth.  Sometimes she would keep a bite for herself, and Junior didn’t like that!  He was fun to watch as he pouted. After dinner, Mom tended to the nest, moving some twigs around.  (Why couldn’t she have moved the one sticking up in all my pictures?)  In the meantime, her chick moved to the side of the nest, allowing me to isolate him for some baby pictures. It’s fun having a nest relatively close by, that I can visit after work!  I wonder if Mom will still be sticking so close to the nest when I go back next week…
  • Junior is Getting Bigger

    Junior is Getting Bigger

    I dragged Rich to Winter Park last Friday for dinner and an Osprey nest.  The baby Osprey is getting bigger.  Last time he was barely visible over the side of the nest.  He was pretty active when I first arrived, while his mom fed him.  Then he hunkered down underneath her for a nap, and he didn’t come out again, despite all my begging and pleading.
  • Peek-a-boo


    A friend let me know that the Winter Park Osprey chicks had hatched, so I went over there on Tuesday night to see the babies.  Almost as soon as I got there, Mama bent her head over into the nest, seemed to listen for a second, and then stepped aside…and then splat! went a waste dump over the side of the nest.  It’s amazing how young they learn, hehe.  I watched the nest for about an hour and Mama let me see her baby several times.  What a cute little bald guy! 
  • Watching and Waiting

    Watching and Waiting

    On Saturday afternoon I dragged Rich over to Winter Park for a romantic dinner and a nest-watching expedition.  (It’s the birdie version of dinner and a movie!)  The nest is on top of a platform close to Park Avenue, right across the street from a convenient parking garage.  You drive to the top of the garage and shoot away.  The distant green trees make for a wonderful background. My friends told me that the bird went on eggs in the last week of March, right before we went to Blue Cypress.  So I was hoping that the bird might have babies by now.  Unfortunately, she’s still on eggs.  She turned them frequently while I was there. It’s a boring job to sit on eggs all day.  Sometimes you have to resort to building up the nest just to entertain yourself… And when you just can’t stand sitting there any longer, you have to get up and stretch your wings: Mama sat patiently on the nest for at least the half hour that I was there.  Papa sat nearby on an electric line pole, silhouetted by the setting sun. Mama called a little bit as I was getting ready to leave, …
  • Lessons from an Osprey

    Lessons from an Osprey

    Rich and I went to Winter Park for dinner tonight, so I got some more time at the osprey nest.  It was more active tonight than the last time I went.  You know, you can learn a lot from a juvenile Osprey… First of all, when your mom arrives at the nest with a fish, grab it from her! Cover your food with your wings to make it harder for others to steal it from you.  (Of course, if you really want to eat in peace, don’t cry to your food during the entire meal.  But this Osprey hasn’t learned that yet!) Eat the first few bites yourself.  Then hand the fish to Mom.  She’s better at cutting it up, and she’ll hand it to you in bits.  How convenient! When Mom screeches, it means danger is around.  Flatter yourself on the nest as quickly as possible, even if you have to lie down on your fish.  Wait until the disturbance passes, then resume fussing and eating. Stretch your wings often.  Even if you haven’t figured out how to fly yet, it makes you look good!
  • I Finally Made it to the Winter Park Osprey Nest!

    I Finally Made it to the Winter Park Osprey Nest!

    I’ve been drooling over pictures taken at this nest.  I finally asked Michael Libbe where it is and made the trip there myself.  The nest is on top of a platform on top of a telephone pole in downtown Winter Park, off Canton Ave.  The really great part is that there’s a 4-story parking garage right across from the nest.  You drive to the top, park, and look out over the nest.  The green trees and brick buildings make for awesome bokeh (especially with The Beast!) The baby is already pretty big.  When I arrived, he was napping in the nest while his mom stood close by.  And that’s pretty much all that happened while I was there!  I was there till sunset, and the most exciting thing to happen at the nest was a little wing-stretching.  So I put some teleconverters on The Beast and went for birdie portraits instead… This one of the mom was taken with the 2x and 1.4x teleconverters stacked.  I used LiveView to refine the focus. The baby has already learned good house-keeping skills: always aim the dirty stuff away from the center of the nest! I liked the symmetry in this shot.  Both …