Marineland Beach

Marineland Beach has some great rock formations that add foreground interest to Atlantic Ocean sunrise images. No two mornings are the same!

Photography Advice

A wide-angle lens is best for landscape sunrise shots.

Marineland Beach Blog Archives

  • Summer Sunrise

    Summer Sunrise

    Images from my first sunrise outing of 2016. It was so good to be out on the beach!
  • Independence Day Sunrise

    Independence Day Sunrise

    Independence Day sunrise over Marineland Beach. Nature presented its own version of fireworks as the sun illuminated the pre-dawn clouds
  • Photographer’s Worst Nightmare

    Photographer’s Worst Nightmare

    After a sleepless night and a photographer's worst nightmare (sleeping through sunrise), the beach was beautiful for a "Snowy Egret sunrise"
  • Where’s All the Color?

    Where’s All the Color?

    Another beautiful sunrise on the beaches of St. Augustine
  • A Magical Sunrise Moment

    A Magical Sunrise Moment

    A cloudy morning turned magical when the sun burst through a small opening in the clouds
  • Summertime Sunrise

    Summertime Sunrise

    Images from a beautiful summer sunrise on the beach.
  • Summer Sunrise at Washington Oaks

    Summer Sunrise at Washington Oaks

    As the birding nesting season starts to wind down, I’ve been enjoying playing with my wide-angle lens for landscape shots.  My friends often visit the beaches at Washington Oaks State Park on the way to the Least Tern colony, and I decided to stop there on my last off-Friday.  It’s painful getting out of bed early enough to be in St. Augustine 30 minutes before sunrise!  Although as soon as I step out of the car and have the camera in my hand, I forget what time it is.  The pre-dawn colors can be spectacular. I like it when there are some clouds in the sky for beach sunrise shots, to add interest to the upper portion of the image. I’d been hoping for some clouds on this particular morning, but I didn’t get my wish. The sky was perfectly clear, almost like a winter morning. I loved the coquina rocks on the beach in the foreground, so I placed my tripod low to emphasize those. I also played with slow shutter speeds to smooth the waves moving over the rocks. I really liked this next image, taken just as the sun began to peek out over the horizon. As …