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Marineland Beach

Marineland Beach has some great rock formations that add foreground interest to Atlantic Ocean sunrise images. No two mornings are the same!

Photography advice: A wide-angle lens is best for landscape sunrise shots.

Summer Sunrise

Summer Sunrise - June 2016

Images from my first sunrise outing of 2016. It was so good to be out on the beach!Read More

Independence Day Sunrise

Independence Day Sunrise - August 2015

Independence Day sunrise over Marineland Beach. Nature presented its own version of fireworks as the sun illuminated the pre-dawn cloudsRead More

More Precious Moments with the Least Terns

More Precious Moments with the Least Terns - July 2015

Another morning with the precious Least Terns and their two-day-old chick, who yawned, ate lots of fish, and jumped for the cameraRead More

Photographer’s Worst Nightmare

Photographer’s Worst Nightmare - June 2015

After a sleepless night and a photographer's worst nightmare (sleeping through sunrise), the beach was beautiful for a "Snowy Egret sunrise"Read More

Where’s All the Color?

Where’s All the Color? - June 2015

Another beautiful sunrise on the beaches of St. AugustineRead More

A Magical Sunrise Moment

A Magical Sunrise Moment - May 2015

A cloudy morning turned magical when the sun burst through a small opening in the cloudsRead More

Summertime Sunrise

Summertime Sunrise - August 2014

Images from a beautiful summer sunrise on the beach. Read More

Summer Sunrise at Washington Oaks

Summer Sunrise at Washington Oaks - June 2013

As the birding nesting season starts to wind down, I've been enjoying playing with my wide-angle lens for landscape shots.  My friends often visit the beaches at Washington Oaks State Park on the way to the Least Tern colony, and I decided to stop there on my last off-Friday.  It's painful getting out of bed early enough to be in St. Augustine 30 minutes before sunrise!  Although as soon as …Read More