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Lowry Park Zoo

Family-friendly Lowry Park Zoo is a fun place to photograph all sorts of wildlife. Take your intermediate telephoto and go see what you can find!

Visit the Lowry Park Zoo website.

Something Different

Something Different - May 2012

Rich and I stopped at Lowry Park Zoo on our way home from Fort De Soto a few weeks ago.  It was mid-day, so the light was horrible and the animals were asleep.  I didn't take many pictures.  There aren't as many wading birds nesting over the alligator exhibit this year, and I didn't see any spoonbill nests.  That was disappointing.  But another pink bird gave me an interesting opportunity…

Can’t Get Enough Spoonbills

Can’t Get Enough Spoonbills - June 2011

Dina made me do it!  After seeing her Roseate Spoonbill shots, I had to go to Lowry Park Zoo for myself.  The spoonies have built a nest over the alligator exhibit, and there are three cute babies growing up in it.  The nest is unusually visible, making it very photographable.  Rich had been wanting to visit the zoo on our vacation, so we went! Here the adorable spoonies… I felt …Read More

Lowry Park Zoo trip

Lowry Park Zoo trip - September 2007

Rich had never been to Lowry Park Zoo, so we drove over to check it out. There was a family of White Tigers that we really enjoyed watching. They were running all around, jumping over each other, and batting at their mom. They reminded us of Mr. Twerp. The chimps were fun to watch, too. There was a baby chimp, and his mom kept carrying him around. He played a …Read More