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Joe Overstreet Road

Joe Overstreet Road is a dirt road in Kenansville, Florida. It is known for the opportunities to photograph Bald Eagles, Crested Caracara, Eastern Meadowlarks (on every fencepost!), and, for the very lucky, Whooping Cranes.

Photography advice: Take the longest lens you have.

My Lifer Whooping Crane

My Lifer Whooping Crane - February 2015

A very poor shot of my far-off lifer Whooping Crane, plus a bunch of birds from Joe Overstreet Road. Fun morning!Read More

A Quick Stop at Joe Overstreet

A Quick Stop at Joe Overstreet - April 2012

Last Saturday on the way back from Blue Cypress Lake, we stopped at Joe Overstreet Road on the way back to Orlando.  It was mid-day, so I wasn't sure there would be much bird activity, and the light wasn't great.  But Joe Overstreet can be a good place to see Crested Caracara, Bald Eagles, and occasionally Whooping Cranes, so I didn't want to miss the opportunity. We found a flock …Read More

So Many Fence Posts, So Few Birds…

So Many Fence Posts, So Few Birds… - June 2011

After reading about how Joe Overstreet Road is such a great place for bird photography, I've been meaning to get there all winter.  But I didn't get the opportunity until this morning.  It wasn't exactly what I expected.  But I did end up with some fun pictures! I wanted to visit Joe Overstreet for Eastern Meadowlarks, Crested Caracara, Swallow-tailed Kites, and maybe even a Snail Kite.  It seems that the …Read More