Happy Groundhog Day

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Regardless of Punxsutawney Phil’s verdict today, I think spring is in the air.  The trees flushed with new growth several weeks ago.  Stores are stocking summer annuals that they usually don’t have until April.  Poor Squirt is having trouble finding his pansies already (Lowes ran out of six-packs!)  Today’s image is a Roseate Spoonbill from […]

Twist and Shout!

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I feel like this Red-breasted Merganser today, shaking off two looooong weeks of work.  It was literally eat-sleep-work, where I was logging over a hundred hours a week.  I think I’m just about done with the insane hours, so I hope to start blogging regularly again. Today’s image is another Out-of-Bounds effect that I did […]

Jess Wants!

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Mum-mum still has hummingbirds visiting her feeders. I’m jealous. I’m hoping that they are winter residents and not just migrants. She’s had them for about a month now. Since I don’t have hummers in my yard, here’s a hummer from Callaway Gardens. I used the Fractalius filter to play with it…

Sandhill Crane Fractalius

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Car trouble kept me home this morning…and then after we got the car back home, we discovered that it still had issues, so we spent a good chunk of the afternoon in the car dealership. So not much photography is happening today. :( I took my laptop with me to the waiting area, and played […]

Something Different — Fractalius

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I downloaded the Fractalius Photoshop filter this afternoon.  It’s fun!  It works by finding fractals inside your image.  You control how the image looks by dragging sliders to vary the line size, diffusion, and a bunch of other factors.  For some of these pictures, I blended the Fractalius output with the original image.  For others, […]