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Flowerpot or Alien? You Decide!

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Dianthus Water Droplet Refraction

I had some free time while Rich watched the Super Bowl.  As much as I’ve tried to learn to like sports, it just hasn’t worked.  So I’m afraid the Super Bowl was accentuated with my squeals of joy as I executed a photographic vision in my macro “studio.” This was the picture I envisioned.  I positioned three tiny water droplets on the stamens of a dianthus flower.  I then positioned another flower behind the water droplets so that the image of the second flower would be refracted in the droplets.  It was a tiny setup – the dianthus flower is only a couple of centimeters wide.  I shot this without flash, and it’s a combination of about 10 images stacked using Helicon Focus. Then I turned the camera vertical and realized that the rest of the flower was also very photogenic.  It reminded me of a flowerpot!  You can see the background flower creating the pink background of the image. If you’re curious, here’s the setup that I used for these images.  I held the flowers using third hand tools.  They make it easy to get the flowers at just the right height and angle.